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Zouk and Kizomba Drum Library (WAV Version)

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Zouk and Kizomba Drum Library is worth using it. This sample pack helps you create he most beautiful zouk and kizomba beats yourself. The pack contains all the sounds you need tas a music producer. You might also like Zouk and Kizomba drum library Kontakt version.

Category: Zouk / Kizomba
Tags: Zouk Drum Library, Zouk Sample Packs

Zouk and Kizomba Drum Library

Zouk and Kizomba Drum Library; This is the WAV Version of the kontakt 6 library. Usefull for people who don’t have Kontakt 6 but still want to use the samples.
This pack also includes All The Drum Loops from all the Zouk&Kizomba packs together in 1 pack!

Pack Includes:

466 One Shots
43 Bonus Loops from all Zouk & kizomba packs together
561.5 MB (Unzipped)
Instant Download
100% Royalty Free
Compatible with any DAW:

transparant picture daws

What are Sample Packs?
Sample packs are collections of individual sounds (samples). These samples/loops/drums etc. are intended for music producers to use to create music.

Why buy samples?
You might wonder why you should buy samples when you can make this yourself. Many music producers use Sample Packs. The reason for this is quite simple, it is a tool to help but also speed up your production. It is very useful and almost everyone does it. It’s 100% Royalty free, so why not? Watch us on YouTube.

What is the content of a good Sample Pack?
Good sample packs are not just good samples by itself. It’s imported that they are recorded in high quality sounds. It is important that the sounds also sound more than just good. For example: the samples must be professional and you know hear this because the tiny amount of analog buzz in synth samples, the bright acoustic pop in a snare. You actually want the samples to be played as LIVE as possible so that it sounds like you are in the recording studio yourself, listening to a live instrument.

2 reviews for Zouk and Kizomba Drum Library (WAV Version)

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