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Reggae beats combines the intensity of soul music, the light touch of ska, and the spiritual center of Jamaican mento.
The music is famed for the rhythmic patterns heard in percussion, bass lines, and rhythm guitar parts.
The three principle reggae beats are:

  1. Steppers: Similar to the American “four on the floor” feel, this beat features a steady quarter-note pulse on the bass drum, often doubled by the bass guitar.
  2. Rockers: The rockers beat also emphasizes four quarter notes per bar, but it offers more space for syncopation.
  3. One drop: The one-drop beat features a steady sixteenth-note pulse (like American funk music) with a backbeat accent from the kick drum and snare drum. So It takes its name from the song “One Drop” by Bob Marley & The Wailers.

6 Essential Reggae Instruments

The most common reggae instruments in beats are:

  1. drums
  2. bass guitar
  3. electric guitar (many bands have both a rhythm guitar and lead guitar player)
  4. keyboard
  5. lead vocals
  6. horn section (or synth horns)
    Contemporary reggae offshoots like reggaeton, dancehall, and drum and bass often use synthesizers and drum machines.
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