Mastering Services

Are you an independent artist looking for a professional
mixing and mastering service?

Our studio can and will give you the best chance at impressing the label, getting hits online, selling CDs and mp3s, or getting the gigs that you’re looking for by giving you the best mixing and mastering at a very fair price.


Step 1:       How do I send my music?

1. Always send tracks in WAV format;
2. -6 dB headroom on the master channel
3. No plugins on the master channel
4. At least 44.1 kHz (16-bit)

Step 2:      Use the wetransfer box below 

1.  Click “+ Add Files”
2.  As a receiver type
3.  Add your e-mail
-4. Click “Transfer”.

 Step 3:     Finish your order by choosing one of our services below

1. Choose which order
2. Enter your Artist Name
3. Enter your email

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