Hook on zouk samples

Zouk Samples

Zouk samples are almost extinct on the Internet! That is why we are finally offering our first sample pack.

Faya Productions is your number #1 place to shop for the hottest and a variety of zouk sample styles on the market. When you shop online at www.faya-productions.com, you are getting high quality product sound for your money. And not only that, “you” our customer is well respected and valuable to us. So shop now at Faya Productions and get on your way with your hit!

Your next zouk hit?

Have you always wanted to make your number one zouk beat hit with your DAW program? but you just don’t have the right samples or sounds? Look no further. All DAW programs are compatible because this pack includes WAV files.

This is your chance to get all that you need for that next zouk beat hit and turn your dreams into reality. We are finally offering our first high quality zouk samples pack to give everyone the chance to make your next zouk beat that you always wanted to hear.

In the future Faya Productions will offer more zouk packs with other instruments and many more awesome sample packs featuring a diversity of genres like reggae and SOCA. So stay tuned on our www.faya-productions.com to get all of these sample packs! In the meantime, start shopping right away for this zouk sample pack and start making your zouk beat with these samples.

These zouk packs will give you your high quality zouk samples you always looking for in WAV format of 44.100 Hz, 16 bit. After your payment has been received by Faya Productions, we will send you a download link to your email. Faya Productions wish to thank you for your business. Shop today and don’t delay

Zouk Sample Pack

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